Finale at Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2013.



Hermès F/W 2013


oh never-mind, it adds traction to the shoe. duh. 

I wonder what the last straw was for a few of my unfollowers, but then the thought quickly fades away.

There’s something called Verstehen. No single social phenomena can be explained by one variable.


Why doesn’t anyone discuss how society’s perceived ownership of the female body extends into parents who dictate everything their daughters do?

Not letting your daughters express themselves in how they dress, talk, wear their hair, or whether or not they wear makeup just gives them the idea, from an extremely young age, that their body is not their own and they must please others by making it look how they view best.
Learn that before you have children.

What if hypothetically a young daughter wishes to wear make up revealing clothing, etc mimicking what their favorite celeb wears, to school, to the park, and to the mall. If a parent tells their daughter not to wear a certain outfit could it be because they know how their daughter will be looked at by older men, men their ages, and pedophiles who target young girls? Perhaps then rather than ‘ownership’ the parent is acting as a rightful guardian to thwart of the possible attention his/her daughter may receive. Especially, in this hyper sexualized society. No? There are multiple perspectives. Labeling it as ownership is quite silly if you ask me. Whatever happened to protectionism? Or has that become forgotten?

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A negative of the first photos I took together with my first gf.

Look at my beautiful new shirt. I love the way it just pops and it’s so thin.